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If there was one driver that should truly get credit for being the greatest in Formula 1, then let it be Senna. Why Senna? If you can just look at the some of the achievements that he accomplished; you 
will just see for yourself that Ayrton was truly the best of all. Many suggest that Schumacher was the greatest, but Senna never had the weak contenders that Schumacher compete against.

When Senna was actively racing, he has to competing against some of the greatest drivers there was. The likes of Mansell, Prost, Piquet,and Lauda. All of these drivers were World champions and to think that Senna had it easy in his F1 career was totally oblivious. It's no wonder that Senna could not win as much as he could because The competition was so intense, and very difficult that he can only 
muster 3 World Championship instead 7 that Schumacher have.

Now 3 World Championship was plenty but no where near as much as Schumacher had. But if you compare both of these great drivers base on statistic; Then you're not seeing the whole picture at all because being a great driver is not always base on statistic but as the best all round driver and Senna had just that. In racing there are a lot of factors involved: luck, the best car, no competition, and politics. If you had all of these at your disposal, then even the most average driver can be a world champion. Schumacher did have most of these factors and truly he benefited from these things that's why he was able to win 7 World Drivers Championship. I'm not suggesting that Schumacher was not a great driver, he was the best when he was racing, but only because he had the fastest car and lack of competition that he was able to get that many world championship.

Senna could have done the same if not better if he didn't have Prost. Prost was his teammate at the time he joined Mclaren, and obviously Prost was already a 2 time world champion so how does Senna measure up against this established world champion. Senna was able to beat his teammate with the same car and also the same team. Schumacher had team orders to let him by, Senna didn't have that luxury, so Senna had to proved to Mclaren team that he was the best.

Competition is needed to judge the best drivers, and not just any competition but competition against drivers that have almost if not the same skills and the same equipment. After Senna's unfortunate demise; there was no one left to stop the rampaging great that was Michael Schumacher.

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